Pets 1, January Blues 0

Christmas is over, the weather is still cold and the nights are still dark, but it’s nothing your pet can’t fix…

As it’s January, the month of feeling blue, we thought we’d take time to celebrate all the things our pets do for us – our minds, bodies and souls.

Pets provide unconditional love

That’s right, no matter how blue you’re feeling, how long or how awful your day has been, your pet will always be there waiting for you. Come rain or shine, they’ll be delighted to welcome you home and to spend time with you. Who could ask for a better feeling?

white dog on snow

Pets get you up and about

Granted, this mainly applies to dogs (who doesn’t feel better after a lovely stroll?) but cats, bunnies, small and larger pets each have their own way of keeping you active too.

Whether it’s taking your horse out for a ride or playing games with your rabbit on the living room floor, spending time with your pet beats lazing around in front of the TV any day.

sunset shot of owner and dog

Pets bring people together

Whether you’re meeting people out on dog walks or your cat’s Instagram account is getting more followers than your own, pets can be great at introducing you to new owners, and to new friends too.

couple walking arm in arm

Pets teach children some useful life lessons

Having pets around the house is great for children’s learning and development – they may not realise they’re learning, but by cleaning out the fish tank or filling up the dog’s water bowl, they’re adopting responsibilities and having fun while they’re at it.

The love that pets inspire in children also helps them to develop valuable human qualities such as empathy and compassion.

child walking dog

Pets improve your wellness

A range of studies have shown that pets can improve mental health, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and even prevent allergies. Take that, January!

husky on bed

Still feeling blue?

Why not give your pet a big hug tonight when you get home? You’re bound to feel better.

And if you really hate January, hang in there. There isn’t long until spring. The nights will be lighter, the walks will be longer – and who knows what kind of adventure your pet will get you into.