If you are looking to book a cat vaccination, please be aware that there is an ongoing shortage of some cat vaccines affecting all UK Veterinary practices. Find out more here.

Our Team

Learn more about our superb team in Eastbourne

Veterinary Surgeons

Lubos Kustra - Clinical Director

Lubos Kustra

Lubos Kustra MVDr MRCVS Clinical Director
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Ana Pereira - Veterinary Surgeon

Ana Pereira

Ana Pereira Veterinary Surgeon
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Maria Palagesiu - Veterinary Surgeon

Maria Palagesiu

Maria Palagesiu MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon
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Rita Ferreira - Veterinary Surgeon

Rita Ferreira

Rita Ferreira Veterinary Surgeon
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Veterinary Nurses

Ellie Worboys - Head Nurse

Ellie Worboys

Ellie Worboys RVN Head Nurse
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Imogen Lawrence - Veterinary Nurse

Imogen Lawrence

Imogen Lawrence RVN Veterinary Nurse
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Jasmine Durrant - Veterinary Nurse

Jasmine Durrant

Jasmine Durrant RVN Veterinary Nurse
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Louise Grooms - Veterinary Nurse

Louise Grooms

Louise Grooms RVN Veterinary Nurse
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Sarah Bowen - Veterinary Nurse

Sarah Bowen

Sarah Bowen RVN Veterinary Nurse
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Louise Clark - Veterinary Nurse

Louise Clark

Louise Clark RVN Veterinary Nurse
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Ellie Shayler - Veterinary Nurse

Ellie Shayler

Ellie Shayler RVN Veterinary Nurse
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Cathy Hopgood - Registered Veterinary Nurse

Cathy Hopgood

Cathy Hopgood RVN Registered Veterinary Nurse
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Nadine Rushbridge - Animal Nursing Assistant

Nadine Rushbridge

Nadine Rushbridge Animal Nursing Assistant
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Reception & Administration

Debbie McFaite - Practice Manager

Debbie McFaite

Debbie McFaite RVN Practice Manager
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Shellie Marshall - Office Manager

Shellie Marshall

Shellie Marshall Office Manager
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Annette Finch - Receptionist

Annette Finch

Annette Finch Receptionist
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Stefani Grabowski - Receptionist

Stefani Grabowski

Stefani Grabowski Receptionist
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Jane Watt - Receptionist

Jane Watt

Jane Watt Receptionist
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Emma Wilding - Receptionist

Emma Wilding

Emma Wilding Receptionist
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Sharon Halliday - Receptionist

Sharon Halliday

Sharon Halliday Receptionist
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Ami - Receptionist


Ami Receptionist
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