Some helpful information

Vaccinating your pet is important to protect your pet against life threatening viral diseases that can't be treated with antibiotics.

Eastbourne vets offer vaccination courses for dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets. You can buy your vaccinations separately, as part of a kitten or puppy package, or through our Pet Health Club which we would recommend as this will cover not only their routine vaccinations but also important preventative healthcare such as flea and worming treatments.

We use Advocate which is the best prescription only product on the market for killing a variety of parasites including Lungworm which can kill dogs.

When does my pet need its first vaccinations?

For both cats and dogs, the initial vaccination course is in two parts.

Kittens: The 1st part of the vaccination is given from 9 weeks of age and the 2nd vaccination is given 3 weeks later.
Puppies: The 1st part of the vaccination is given from 6-8 weeks of age and the 2nd vaccination is given at 10 weeks of age.
Rabbits: A combined Myxomatosis and VHD vaccination can be given from 5 weeks of age.

Does my pet need booster vaccinations?

YES! Although some components of the routine vaccine do stimulate a long-term immunity that can last for a few years, most components do not and so an annual booster is essential to ensure full protection for your pets.

What if my pet is late having its annual booster vaccinations?

There is a little bit of flexibility with the timing of the booster vaccinations. However, it is advised not to leave things too long as your pet’s immunity will be reduced, and the initial 2-part vaccination course may also need to be restarted.